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New Beginnings Family Alliance

What is Alliance? Alliance is an organization endorsed by the Board of Directors that supports parent, staff and community involvement in school governance.


What is the purpose of Alliance? The purpose of Alliance is to provide advice, recommendations, endorsements and assistance, and represent parents, school staff and community in continuous school improvement.


Who are the members? There are 14 voting members and one non-voting member.

7 parents or guardians of students currently enrolled at NBFA (elected by the parents)

5 teachers (elected by the teachers). Para professionals are not eligible to serve.

2 community leaders (elected by teacher and parent members)

1 CEO (non-voting member)


What is the term? Each member serves a two year term.


Is there compensation?  Members do not receive compensation for serving on the Alliance. Teachers who serve as members of the Alliance can be exempt from serving on other school committees.


What are the duties of Alliance members?

Regularly attend the meetings (5 per each school year)

Maintain a school-wide perspective on issues

Participate in information and training programs

Act as a link between the Alliance and the community

Encourage participation of parents and other in the school community

Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Upcoming NBFA Alliance Meetings


February 27, 2020


March 26, 2020


May 28, 2020

Meetings begin promptly at 4:15 in the NBFA Board Room

NBFA Alliance Members for '18-'20



Ronelle Swagerty






Tamika Grace 

Kekyra Gill

Lashea Hall

Nestor Diaz 

Daniela Sanjurno Santos

Stacey Hutcherson 


Community Members