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At NBFA we take absences seriously, maintaining an above average daily attendance rate of approximately 95%. One of the best ways to ensure students love coming to school is to create active, fun, theme-based lessons driven by their interests and enhanced with field trips. We work strategically with families to make sure students come to and stay in school every day.


Parents should call 203.384.2897 and leave a after before 7:30AM if a child will be absent for any reason. However, in order for any absence to be excused, a written note must follow. Absences will be marked as excused once the main office receives a written note.


Attendance Policy



Students arriving after 7:45 must be signed in at the front office.
Tardies are recorded in each student’s permanent record.
Excused Absences 
Absences can be excused as “Medical” with a note from a doctor.
Absences can also be excused with a parent note (only 9 per each academic year).
Unexcused Absences 
Absences for which the school did not receive a note result in Truancy.
Four (4) unexcused absences within one month or
Ten (10) unexcused absences in a school year.