NBFA Lower & Upper School

NBFA provides up to 10 years of education through its lower (Pre-K through 3rd) and upper (4th-8th) schools.   


NBFA also understands the importance of a strong foundation to meet developmental milestones critical for learning. Our mixed-age Pre-Kindergarten (3s and 4s) classrooms are print and language-rich environments where children explore the materials, ideas, and people around them to make sense of the world through their own eyes. NBFA’s certified early childhood teachers recognize that children develop at their own pace and individualize learning to enhance the experiences of each student. 


Our classrooms are led by certified teachers and assistants who use research-based curricular resources, infused with their own creativity, to instill in students a love of learning and a strong work ethic. Mistakes are viewed as teachable moments that build resiliency. 

Lower School 


New Beginnings Family Academy utilizes evidence- and research-based literacy programs grounded in the science of reading.  Our math program is Common Core-aligned and develops students conceptual knowledge of math.  


Teachers infuse projects, hands-on activities, and field trips into thematic units to help students make meaning of the world around them. To build empathy and self-control, students' days begin with a Morning Meeting and end with a Closing Circle. These community-building activities give children the opportunity to safely discuss and release big emotions while engaging constructively with each other and their teachers. 


Upper School 


NBFA’s Upper School leverages the foundation laid in the early years and prepares students to transition into secondary and post-secondary institutions. Older students have greater opportunity for meaningful, project-based work that develops critical thinking, creativity and collaboration. Through a daily advisory program, students gain mastery in building affiliation, self-control, responsibility empathy, grit, and healthy work habits. 


To ensure this, we provide: 

  • Goal setting opportunities 
  • Engaging academics 
  • Exploratory curriculum 
  • Social-emotional instruction 
  • Self-reflection/ evaluation exercises  

NBFA works closely with families to ensure students have successful life outcomes. Graduates can count on our continued guidance and support, if needed, when completing college applications, filing for financial aid, seeking scholarships, and securing a job. 


Since  2008, NBFA’s graduates have gone on to careers in teaching, medicine, the sciences, and entrepreneurship.