Board of Directors

Board of Directors

(Left to Right) NBFA Board Vice Chair LaShea Hall, Board Treasurer Mylena Teixeira, Board Member Kevin Knight, Secretary Mindy Pritchard and Chairman Don Foley.
The governing body of New Beginnings Family Academy, its Board of Directors, strongly supports the school’s mission to provide students a meaningful, high-quality education through experience-based learning that helps develop essential social, emotional and critical-thinking skills, giving all children a foundation to achieve their full potential at every stage of life.

The Board meets approximately six times per year to receive updates from school leaders. Meetings are open to parents, teachers and the general public.

The Board of Directors also approves the annual operating budget each year. New Beginnings Family Academy has consistently operated on a balanced budget, due to the generosity of private individuals whose contributions not only help close the guaranteed funding gap but also support particular programs and services that enhance the New Beginnings Family Academy curriculum and bolster student achievement.

It is the desire of the Board, and the whole school community, for New Beginnings Family Academy to remain a desirable public charter school of choice for decades to come.

NBFA Board of Directors:
: Don Foley
Vice Chair: LaShea Hall
Treasurer: Mylena Teixeira
Secretary: Mindy Pritchard
Members: Kevin Knight, Craig Johnson, Denise Taylor,
Patricia Sempertegui, Ronelle Swagerty (non-voting)