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Our scholars come to school on time, ready to work and learn every day. The majority of NBFA students are bused to school from neighborhoods across Bridgeport, Connecticut's largest city. Others come from neighboring towns such as Stratford, Waterbury, and Shelton.

Like charter school hopefuls nationwide, NBFA students are selected through a blind lottery. There is no admission criterion and the demand for seats is high. NBFA enrolls nearly 500 students from Pre-K through grade 6.

Our students thrive in high school thanks to their strong academic foundation of elementary and middle school instruction aimed at critical thinking and leadership development.   

NBFA graduates demonstrate the lasting value of a quality, well-rounded education. Students going off to 7th and 8th grade apply to local public schools of choice or private school institutions such as The Foote School, Saint Joseph, Park City Prep, Six-to-Six Magnet and Discovery Magnet.