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Mentors & Volunteers

 (Due to COVID restrictions, we are currently not allowing mentors or volunteers inside the school)

Our model focuses on the development of positive relationship-building skills. Students benefit greatly from interacting
with adults beyond our staff; mentors and volunteers bring a unique point-of-view based on their experiences. 
Contact our front office at  203.384.2897 to discuss opportunities and schedule a visit.

 Below are some ideas of how you or your company can get involved. 


You or your company can volunteer a few hours a month by reading to students, assisting in a classroom, or leading an activity.




Become A Mentor

Mentors are much more than just positive role models. Having the right mentor at the right time can increase a student’s self-esteem
and even curb negative behaviors.  NBFA mentors are instrumental in encouraging students to reach higher and think bigger,
further inspiring them to develop the ambition and maturity to achieve their life goals. 
Our mentors come from all walks of life and
practice different professions, their various skills and experiences allow them to provide students with:


- Active listening and authentic support
- Balanced perspectives on life and adversity
- Personal skills for sound decision-making
- Setting higher personal and academic expectations

NBFA mentor and mentee on graduation day.

Become A Classroom Parent
To promote collaboration and engagement at the classroom level, each teacher can select a room parent.
Contact your child’s teacher to find out how you can get involved. Here are some things you can do:

-Coordinating parent volunteers for field trips, class parties, and in-class activities.

- Planning class events and celebrations.
- Communicating important announcements.

- Recruiting other family members for school events.
- Joining the NBFA Alliance, our school advisory organization