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After School & Summer Enrichment


With the school day ending at 2:05 pm, most families need a safe, supervised environment where their children can continue to learn and grow after school. That’s why we make high-quality after-school programming a priority.

To provide students with facilities and activities that our school campus cannot, we have partnered with three local community centers that offer affordable recreational and learning experiences during the after-school hours. At these centers, NBFA students enjoy a wide range of activities such as: swimming, basketball, martial arts, dance, photography, technology, homework help, drumming and cooking.

Wakeman Boys and Girls Club

Members in the After-School Program are grouped by grade for activities that include: art, studio, tech, homework, gym, game room and field. Every Club member participates in at least 60 minutes of homework time or other brain building activities every day. Members are also allowed to visit the facility on Saturday from 10AM-2PM and on some school holidays.


Cardinal Shehan Center

This program provides safe, challenging and affordable activities for children in grades K-8th. Activities may include but are not limited to dance, arts and crafts, fitness, sports, swimming and photography. On Saturdays from 10AM-2PM and on some school holidays, students are invited back to participate in open recreation and planned activities. 


McGivney Community Center

At McGivney, children are provided stimulating and enriching programs that foster academic success and self-esteem in an environment that nurtures intellect, creativity and physical growth. After-school participants are also allowed to visit the facility during some school breaks. 


At the completion of each full school day, buses are available to students from grades K to 8th to Cardinal Shehan Center and McGivney Community Center.  Transportation to centers is not provided on early dismissal days.



Please Note

  • Families need to make payments in full prior to the start of the program. To do so, contact the center for more details and or to discuss payment options.
  • Bussing will only be secured for verified students whose parents have fulfilled each center’s enrollment requirements.  

Name of Facility


Tel. #

Start Date

Wakeman Boys and Girls Club

2414 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport


Sept. 3, 2019

McGivney Community Center

338 Stillman St, Bridgeport                          


Sept. 3, 2019

Cardinal Shehan Center 

1494 Main St, Bridgeport                                    


Aug. 29, 2019