NBFA students premiere song written by Woodstock stars

BRIDGEPORT – Few schools are fortunate enough to have a school song. Even fewer (maybe none) have song written by performers who appeared Woodstock. 


After several rehearsal sessions, Ira and Maxine Stone guided New Beginnings Family Academy’s pre-k and kindergarten classes in singing ‘NBFA, we love you!” Thursday morning. 


The Stone family, who have long supported the students at NBFA through song, yoga and story were joined by music teacher Damon Kelliher and volunteer Monroe Fried. 


We have been volunteering here for five years and it is our gift to the school,” said Maxine. “They have filled us so.” 


In 1969, Ira took the stage at Woodstock playing guitar, organ, and harmonica with Bert Sommer. 


In 1989, for the twentieth anniversary of Woodstock, the couple was featured in Life Magazine. Maxine appeared in the original (1969) Woodstock special issue of Life Magazine.  


Fried helped the students with the drumming portion of the song, playing the beat by clapping and hitting their legs. She also held signs as the children spelled R-E-S-P-E-C-T and D-I-G-N-I-T-Y.


Maxine, who wrote the lyrics for the song, said she was happy to “steal” from Aretha Franklin for the song and draw on the message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 


First graders, staff and parents made up the audience Thursday.


A future recording of the song is planned and the couple hopes to teach it to the older grades. 


For more information on the Stones visit here. 


You can watch the full performance by clicking here.


Find the lyrics for the song below and sing along. 



NBFA, we love you! By Maxine Stone 12/18 

              -A-                                                                         -B-                 

 Verse 1Thank you for taking my hand               Bridge-Once I was the little one                      

Thank you for showing me I understand               Now I am the middle one 

Learning to love, loving to learn                            8th grade seemed out of reach 

Thank you for giving me my turn.                          Soon the little ones I teach! (guit. 


Verse 2-I hold a hero in my heart                          Chorus 2 New Beginnings Fam Ac. 

and the courage, when the day is hard.                How I love to tell the story 

My friends are joining me today                             D-I-G-N-I-T-Y I can soar/I can fly 

We have important things to say!                           New Beginnings we love you 


     Chorus 1- New Beginnings, Family Academy      < ---- Back to chorus #1 and end 

      How I love to tell the story 


      you know what it means to me 

      New Beginnings, we love you 


Verse 3-The child is father to the man 

I STRETCH to be all that I can 

My independence can unfold. 

The world is wonderful to hold.  ( ^ to column 2) 


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