Talking to Your Child About School Shootings

Dear NBFA Community,
It grieves me to have to write you about another school shooting at an American public school. It’s shameful, traumatizing and just beyond comprehension. And, as confused and impacted as we adults are, we must remember that the children in our care are having their own anxieties. Imagine being afraid to go to school for fear of being shot?! This simply was not something we had to worry about in our childhood and our youngsters should not have to either.
I have been inundated with messages from the Commissioner of Education and others today sharing resources for speaking with children following such a tragedy. Below is an excerpt from a National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) document that may be helpful to you. I have attached the full NASP guidance ​and others, as well. I hope it helps.
If you need further assistance navigating this with your child/ren, please do not hesitate to reach out to Ms. Heidi Barker, NBFA School Counselor and trauma specialist. We are here for you.
All the best,
Mrs. Swagerty