In The Spotlight: NBFA Prepares Nutritious Meals On-Site For Students

Students at New Beginnings Family Academy (NBFA) will now have homemade meals at school, thanks to a new fully renovated kitchen that will allow for fresh and nutritious food to be made on-site. The kitchen features new stoves, ovens, and a hood fan system.


Students have two of their three daily meals at school so we want them to be the best,” said CEO and Director Ronelle Swagerty. “The meals will be hot, fresh, made on-site and more nutritious, which we know will better prepare them for a successful day at school.”


NBFA is leading the way in providing students with healthy meals and teaching the importance of proper nutrition. With 98% of NBFA students qualifying for free or reduced-price meals, it is necessary to provide healthier meals that students also enjoy.


For Food Service Supervisor Todd Daigle, the new kitchen will allow for more opportunities for NBFA students to access nutritious meals.


“We now offer a much more diverse and flexible menu, which in turn will increase student interest and students will be more likely to eat the food,” said Daigle. “Another reason is that we now have full control over our menus and can replace items that students do not enjoy.”


The need for proper nutrition for our students is needed now more than ever. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 19% of children suffer from childhood obesity.   


“Nutrition shapes a large part of our lives,” said Daigle.It affects our overall health as we grow older, our sleep patterns and our everyday energy levels.”  


Previously, the kitchen served cold meals five days a week, from cereal in the morning to sandwiches for lunch. The new menu now includes freshly made meals like seasonal fruit parfaits and orange chicken over brown rice 


The new school meals will not only taste better but help improve student learning. A five-year study conducted at California schools found that students who had access to healthy meals had increased academic success. 


“By providing our students with a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack each day, we are giving them the best possible chance to start and finish their school day on the best possible foot,” said Daigle. 


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