In The Spotlight: New Beginnings Family Academy Celebrates International SEL Day

New Beginnings Family Academy (NBFA) celebrated International Social Emotional Learning (“SEL”) Day with the second annual “One School, One Read, One Quilt!” event, a new tradition after the successful launch last year. At NBFA, which follows a relationship-based model called Emotionally Responsive Practice, students bonded during the read aloud and a quilt-building project sponsored by the Tauck Family Foundation, a long-time partner of the school. 


As the world continues to face challenges due to the global pandemic, International SEL Day 2022 focused on Finding Common Ground, Pursuing Common Good.  International SEL Day recognizes the various strategies and techniques used by educators around the world to teach social-emotional skills and support student well-being in their classrooms, schools, and homes.  



NBFA first graders start International SEL Day read aloud with a discussion on the book “Each Kindness”. 


Traditions like “One School, One Read, One Quilt!” not only allow students to showcase their feelings and emotions, but serve as an opportunity to take in the moment to create lifelong memories. 


“As a quilter, I am thrilled to see NBFA establish a tradition of “One School, One Read, One Quilt” for SEL Day,” said Tauck Family Foundation Board Member Liz Walters. “Quilting allows students to express their emotions in an engaging and creative way.”  


All of NBFA’s Pre-K through eighth grade teachers and students began SEL Day reading and discussing the book Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson. The read aloud and discussion helped students to understand the importance of kindness and supporting one another.  



A NBFA sixth grader finishes her SEL Day quilt square, which together with fellow NBFA students’ squares will form one beautiful quilt. 


NBFA students also created a school-wide quilt that was completed the following week. They designed quilt squares, with words and pictures, that represent what makes them feel peaceful or happy. The individual squares will be stitched together into a quilt that will be hung on display in the school for all to enjoy. 


Studies show that students in SEL programs have increased academic performance, improved classroom behavior, and a greater ability to manage stress and depression. For 2020-21, NBFA students showing strength in SEL increased from 14% at the start of the year to 34% by the end of the year. 


Click here for photos of NBFA’s “One School, One Read, One Quilt!” event. Please check in on Monday for photos of the quilt-building project. 


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