Chromebook Campaign for NBFA Students


Dear Friend of NBFA,

This may be one of the most important calls to action you’ll receive on behalf of our students.

The coronavirus is hurting NBFA’s students as their families face unexpected financial burdens; their lack of technology at home widens both the digital divide and their access to education during this time of crisis.


Will you please make an urgent gift to help us provide Chromebooks to NBFA’s students and support closing that digital divide so our students don’t fall further behind? $125 will provide a Chromebook to one student; $1,000 will purchase eight.       


I have been on the phone speaking with many concerned NBFA parents who have had their hours at work cut back or have had to file for unemployment. Many were already living paycheck to paycheck before the COVID-19 crisis. How can they find the means to purchase a basic computer so their child can continue to engage with their class and schoolwork?  They can’t, but you can help.


Your gift will provide urgent assistance to an NBFA family that is unable to afford a computer for their child. Your generosity will help our nearly 500 NBFA students continue to engage in their studies at home via technology, just as millions of kids are doing around our country. 

No one expected this crisis to come. Our budget is tight and we do not have extra funding to provide the technology hundreds of our kids need to participate in distance learning while our school is closed.


Please make a gift today to provide an NBFA student with a Chromebook computer they so desperately need by clicking the donate button below to give online or sending a check made out to New Beginnings Family Academy and mailing it to our address below.


We ask you to help make an immediate impact on expanding our students’ educational opportunities at home under these challenging circumstances.


As of Friday, May 1st, we are nearly halfway to our goal of making sure every student has access to the technology they need to continue their education from home. Will you help complete this urgent campaign?


Thank you and stay safe,


Ronelle Swagerty

District Director/CEO