NBFA letter to donors and supporters

Dear NBFA Friends and Supporters,


I hope you and your family are healthy and well during this trying time for our nation.  As you know, the spread of the Coronavirus has shut down schools around the country and affected so many students and communities, including our own. New Beginnings Family Academy has been closed for the past week and may reopen later next month, although that decision could soon change as this virus continues to spread throughout Bridgeport and Fairfield County. 

We are thinking about you and are grateful for the support you’ve provided NBFA that has helped our beloved school grow over the past 18 years. We want to share how we’ve supported our students since the shutdown began on March 13, as well as our plans to keep them engaged in learning while they are at home.  It certainly takes a village, and our village has stepped up with creative ideas for distance learning to continue to educate NBFA’s students.

Our committed teachers rolled up their sleeves and did what was needed to ensure all of our students were provided with supplemental resources to engage in learning during the initial two weeks of this unforeseen extended school closure. I am incredibly proud of the teamwork and quick turnaround that occurred to create packets of worksheets and learning materials for students to take home the day before Bridgeport’s schools were shut down. NBFA’s teachers have also made these resources available via our website and have been accessible to students and families as they adjust to remote learning. 

The principals are currently developing a more comprehensive distance learning plan should our school remain closed beyond March 31st and we are working diligently to stay in touch with our village of students and parents.  We’ll be utilizing social media to launch NBFA’s online “Reading Corner” initiative which will offer social and emotional benefits during a time that has led to many children experiencing additional stress and anxiety. Watch for these read aloud videos on our Instagram and Facebook pages soon.

Many of our students and families are facing a tough road ahead in this challenging environment. Hence, we are asking our teachers to create assignments that do not require extensive support from parents. We will provide guidance to parents on how to help their children access an online model but we want to ensure we are not overwhelming them. We will encourage “Peace over Panic” within their homes as we don’t need to add stress to students who may not have technology at home or parents who are present to help with schoolwork. 

This is a time of sacrifice for our entire country and I have faith we will come together to protect one another. I hope you are meeting the needs of your family to keep them well at this time, while also looking for opportunities to help others. We wish you well and will keep in touch. 



Ronelle Swagerty

District Director / CEO