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Mrs. Taylor's 2nd Grade Class

Welcome 2nd grade Superstars! My name is Mrs. Taylor and I am super excited to be your new teacher! My goals include seeing you grow over this 2020-2021 school year in reading, phonics, math, science and social studies. We are going to shine this year no matter what is going on in our society right now. Whether you are a distance learner or a hybrid learner, you will still have fun learning, exploring, creating, thinking and achieving! 
I know you are going to love second grade. We will have lots of fun learning about things like our government, presidents, black history, hispanic heritage, human body, animals, measurement, money and so much more. We will also read interesting stories, solve challenging math problems, write stories, and hopefully go on field trips. This school year you will learn, grow and shine like the superstar that you are!
Mrs. Taylor