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Dear Families,


Whether you are a member of our diverse community or just finding out about us, it is my pleasure to welcome you to New Beginnings Family Academy (NBFA). As you explore the website, you will see busy classrooms alive with "good noise," outdoor learning, and lots of positivity.


As an emotionally responsive school, NBFA's model is built on child development best practices and healthy child-child, adult-child interactions. Through social and emotional strategies and techniques, we ensure that all students are offered an environment for learning that is safe and nurturing. Student interest drives inquiry-based lessons that are relevant and robust. Students learn how to navigate the world around them, build confidence, think critically, and master standards-based skills together.


Every day, NBFA's dedicated team of certified teachers, leaders and general staff come to school determined to positively impact the lives of 500 Bridgeport-area students and their families. We desire that NBFA students become smarter every day, develop empathy, exercise self-control and ultimately be positive change-agents in their communities.


We are thrilled to be on this journey with NBFA's students and their families. We invite you to join us!


Ronelle Swagerty