William H Howery » 7/8 Social Studies at New Beginnings Family Academy Middle School

7/8 Social Studies at New Beginnings Family Academy Middle School

The new marking period has begun.  Students were given their current grades on Monday, December 17, 2018.  Each class has been separated into groups for a research project and presentation.  Students will study their subjects over the next several weeks and report back to their class what they have learned.  Copies of these assignments can be found on the class pages.
The current topics of study for each grade are:
7th Grade: West African Medieval Kingdoms
8th Grade: The Constitution of the United States of America
On this website you will find weekly work and due date.  In Social Students, students that work hard in the classroom should have plenty of time to finish assignments.  If those assignments are not finished in class, they become homework.  Please ask about their current grades.  These will be sent home every other week. 
All student in Social Studies class should keep in class:
1.  a Social Studies Binder to organize all graded work;
2.  a Social Studies Journal for both notes and journal entries, and
3.  your own set of colored pencils
They should be kept on the shelf assigned for your homeroom class in the Social Studies classroom.  Binders and journals will be submitted periodically for an organization grade.
-Mr. Howery