Jennifer Gonzalez » Mrs. Gonzalez- a poem to tell you about me!

Mrs. Gonzalez- a poem to tell you about me!

I love my job, working to help us all show what we know
I love chocolate, and  also exercise, so I don't over grow!
I have a teenage daughter, see the bags under my eyes?
And a puppy, both I adore more than they ever will realize
I believe everyone learns differently, everyone's so bright
When I'm not working, I like to eat, read, workout and write
Feel free, when you see me, to wave, smile and say "hi"
If you can ever possibly believe it, I'm actually a little shy
I was born in Washington and moved four times while growing
Through it all, I loved to show all I was learning and knowing
So, this is my poem about so very much that makes me me
Show me, when you can, a little about you too- I want to see