Integrated Co-Teachers (SPED & Reg. Ed, K-2)

Title:  Integrated Co-Teachers (Special Education & Regular Ed, K-2) 

Reports to:  Chief Academic Officer, Academic Dean, Dean of Students  

Classification:  Full-time/Exempt/10 months (2016-2017 SY)

NBFA is looking for elementary (013) and special education (065, 165) teachers willing and able to partner in an integrated co-teaching classroom. The teachers will be equally responsible for delivering developmentally appropriate, engaging instruction in an inclusive classroom of active learning.  Both teachers must believe and engage in a social emotional learning approach. Both must maintain open lines of communication with each other, students and families. The teachers must comply with state and federal education laws and regulations at all times. NBFA teachers must be committed to and advocate for the school’s mission to provide its students a foundation to achieve their full potential at every stage of life.

Principal Accountabilities:

  1. Implement instructional activities that contribute to a climate where students are actively engaged in meaningful learning experiences 
  2. Identify, select, and modify instructional resources to meet the needs of students with varying backgrounds, learning styles and special needs
  3. Work collaboratively to ensure that children meet IEP goals and complete assessments
  4. Continually record and use data to inform instructional decisions
  5. Prepare and submit developmentally appropriate, on-time lesson plans for daily activities
  6. Provide a structured, positive classroom that encourages students to think critically throughout the learning process
  7. Maintain effective and efficient record keeping procedures
  8. Communicate effectively and regularly, both orally and in writing, with students and parents
  9. Collaborate with peers to enhance the instructional environment school-wide
  10. Participate in school-wide and grade level data teams and Professional Learning Communities to share best practices and help improve overall school performance 
  11. Ensure that student growth is continuous and appropriate for age group, subject area, and/or program classification
  12. Establish and maintain cooperative and respectful working relationships with each other, students, parents and other school personnel
  13. Assume responsibility for meeting school-wide student performance goals
  14. Satisfy professional obligations through efficient work habits such as: meeting deadlines, honoring schedules, attending grade level meetings, performing duties  
  15. Model professional and ethical standards when dealing with students, parents, peers and leaders

Certification, Knowledge and Skills: 
The Teachers must:

  1. Maintain a current Connecticut teacher certification (065, 165, 013)
  2. Aspire to master his/her content area or subject matter and be willing and able to receive constructive criticism to achieve that goal
  3. Be willing and able to offer constructive feedback to assist colleagues
  4. Understand that all work responsibilities are subject to performance goals and/or targets established as part of the Board’s and school’s organizational planning
  5. Fervently believe in NBFA’s mission and be willing to work diligently to positively impact the life outcomes of our students

Per collective bargaining agreement

Please send cover letter, resume and NBFA employment application to
‚ÄčNBFA Employment Application.pdf